Santa Information and Fund Raising Tips
Santas will need to be at the Hyatt to turn in donations and register at 8:30 a.m. They may wear whatever clothing they would like to swim in. In addition, we recommend some kind of footwear for protection. Santas can get as wet as they would like. The goal of the “Swim” is to raise money, but the crowd and the Press will want to see Santas braving the elements! There will be elves to present each Santa with a towel as they come out of the river.
We have provided a label for you to use on your donation cans, if you choose to raise sponsorship dollars in that manner.
Please copy any of the documents in this package and share them with everyone you can! There are two sample letters for fundraising that may help you find sponsors.
Please have all checks made payable to “Care & Share Fund, Inc.”
Please encourage your sponsors to attend, and remind them that it is not mandatory, but they are encouraged to bring a brand new toy for a needy child. The Salvation Army will be on-hand at the event and will distribute the toys during the holiday season.
Thank you all for your support!
For more information, call The Care & Share Fund at 410-901-4131 or visit