What is the "Santa Swim"?
The Santa Swim is a fun way to raise money to help families, groups, and senior citizens in need through the Programs that the Care & Share Fund supports
Participants of the Santa Swim may compete for a trophy for the best fund raiser in the following
o Individual
o Team (organization or business)
o Student Team
A “Santa Swim” team is a group of individuals who raise funds together. Teams may choose to take the plunge together or they may select an individual to act as team captain (who will go into the water)..
Note from the official Santa Swim rule book:
Throwing a member of the team into the river does not constitute the selection of a captain.
Organizations and businesses follow the same rules as the teams do, for selection of team captain, fund raising, etc.
“Santa” is typically a fun-loving person who volunteers to jump into the Choptank River for charity.
Each Santa will receive a Santa Claus hat on the day of the swim. Trophies will be awarded for first, second, and third place at the “survivors celebration” following the swim. Santa’s elves will give a towel to each Santa to wrap up in when they get out of the water.
Financial donations may be made at the Hyatt at any time prior to the start of the event if you wish your Santa to get credit. Donations will be accepted after the event, but will not affect the prize awards.
For more information, call The Care & Share Fund at 410-901-4199or visit http://CareAndShareFund.org/